Saturday, January 21, 2012

Vocab Candy and Purple Practice Cards

      Being a short week, I didn't have time to do my usual vocabulary activity.  It was the perfect time to try vocab candy.  The kids thought it was hysterical when I reached into my pocket and unwrapped my "candy".  More than one were convinced that I really was enjoying a scrumptious treat.  They quickly caught on as they realized my next sentence contained a vocabulary word.  (Actually, the word was "contained").  They were begging to have a piece of my candy, and then enjoyed offering pieces to one another.  This week was the highest scoring week I've had yet on these vocab. tests.  No joke!!!
     I also broke out the purple practice cards this week.  I am making them very difficult to get.  The problem is- I am forgetting to give them out.  I only sent one home this week.  I need to come up with a system to make it a routine for me, without making it predictable for the kids.

     Oh yes, I also introduced the guff counter this week.  My kids don't give much guff, but I have noticed a little creeping in here and there.  (Someone dared roll her eyes at the librarian on Tuesday....).  They loved "practicing" guff, but I haven't had to use it yet.  I did hear one student tell another one "stop please" during an independent work time, but I didn't hear what the infraction was.  It is great to give the students a tool to use, when someone is acting out and they don't want to be a part of it.  Empowering!

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